About Us

The Masjid is the hub of our community and it acts as a place to rejuvinate ones spirits via performing the 5 daily prayers as well as to learn more about the religion in order to become a more selfless being. Our core aims in what we do are embodied by our vision statement

'Skipton Masjid is a place for nurturing and developing the community'

For us the community is not restricted to just Muslims; rather it is all those who live around the Masjid. Our long term ambitions are to help everyone in the community to become spiritually content, selfless and motivated individuals who can become the best that they can be.

What it means to be a Skiptonian

The Skipton Crest embodies a principal in Latin which we hold dearly Industria et spe - Labour and Hope. There are many ways to understand this latin given the rich industrial history of Skipton, but we would like to view this as through hard work at building community cohesion, educated young men and women, helping neighbours etc, then there is a hope for a better future.